Our Mission

Since our founding in 2004, XQ Manufacturing’s primary focus has been on our clients’ OEM projects.  Our business model is made to service growing businesses that need to find a trusted, efficient, and cost effective option to outsourcing their manufacturing needs.

XQ Manufacturing operates our own production facilities and also works with select long-term manufacturing partners with ethical employment practices to allow us to develop and manufacture products that involve multiple manufacturing fields.  Our range of manufacturing includes leather and textiles, plastic injection molding and extrusion, wood and soft metals CNC carving, jewelry and assembled products, rubber molding, various assembly projects, molded foam projects, metals casting and forging, offset printing, and various other retail packaging options.  This allows us to serve clients whose product line crosses a diverse range of materials and processes.

Since our founding, we have prioritized recruiting and training top quality employees, and we believe our people are what set us apart.  From our US sales staff who allow us to process our clients’ orders with clear communication and insight, to the talented team of purchasers, quality control supervisors, designers, machinists, sewers, assemblers, and office staff, we are proud of the team we have built. Although our team consists of individuals on two continents, they work together seamlessly and our clients see the results they have come to rely on.

Our Values

Working in China’s apparel and light manufacturing industry offers many benefits that need to be balanced with responsible business practices.  Our corporate values are influenced largely by the faith of our owners and some of our key staff, challenging us to work through difficult business practice questions. We are committed to having a positive impact on the communities we work in and on our employees.

We have faced many challenges in reaching our goal of establishing a values-centered company, but we believe that we have done just that. We pride ourselves on paying living wages, allowing our employees opportunities for advancement and growth, and working with and seeking out suppliers who also practice ethical standards of employment. We also produce hand-made craft products in conjunction with Chinese community organizations, maintain a charitable giving program and conduct our company with ethical principles at the forefront of everything we do.

In 2011, XQ Manufacturing’s involvement in our community and consulting for NGO’s with business platforms in our region was recognized by US Ambassador Gary Locke being the sole business representative among 7 US organizations in our region recognized for their positive influence in our region.  We hope that when you work with us, you too will see the importance we place on people and the results it brings to our team.

Expanding Projects

XQ Manufacturing is continually expanding our trade networks and now have warehouses, trade offices or other affiliations in the Northwest US, the Russian/Mongolia/China boarder regions, and in Nigeria.  Read more about our expanding African Trade initiative below.

Africa Trade Initiatives